Me & My Future

For most children, especially those who seem to be without a secure place in their classrooms, learning photography can be helpful in building self-esteem and self- confidence. Making photographs and writing about them offers a safe haven where kids can describe the realities of their lives, deal with some of their pressing problems, and articulate their hopes and fears. 

(Ewald & Lightfoot)

Today we visited Blikkiesdorp for the second time in a week. After we talked with 6 youngsters from Blikkies earlier and we’re shown their creative talents (clothing designing, cartoons, drawings, stories, (rap) songs), we decided to give them an assignment today. We handed out disposable cameras to them with which we would like them to share their stories with us. The assignment is called ‘ Me and my Future’.

We asked them to carry this camera with them for one week and shoot the film with images with which they get the change to visualise their world, share their stories with us and by these photo’s tell us ‘How do I see my future?’ and ‘ Where do I want to be?’

With these photo’s we want to generate more input for the necessity behind the Ubuntu Academy, get a better understanding of their reality, dream and stories. But also problems in their community with which they are faced, things that frustrates them, things that make them sad, but also their talents and their opinions. They are here now, but where do they want to be in the Future? And how are they going to get there?

Because of the approachable aspects of photography this is an ideal tool to use for the educational and social issues that the Ubuntu Academy will work with. Photo’s are close to our environment, they are present almost everywhere and everybody makes photo’s, even if only with a mobile phone. With photography we can all communicate messages that could be wider interpreted. They make another form of communication possible.

With this assignment we like to give youth in Blikkiesdorp a chance to use photography as a visual way to be heared by a bigger group.Monday we’ll be back to collect the cameras and their writings on the photo’s they took. We are very curious on the results!

Cynthia Bambach


1 thought on “Me & My Future

  1. That”s the beauty of Ubuntu…honoring the responabilty we all have for our lives and in doing so making it possible for these kids to see there own abillity’s for now and the future!!creating in a pure form!! Thanks for this form of Love, Letty

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