The project

The essence of the Ubuntu Academy lies in the transformation from a desperate situation in which the youngster feels detained to an pro-active attitude that provides perspective for the future. The innovative combination of creativity, performing and community arts, social media and entrepreneurship will give the participants the opportunity to learn competences that will change their total mind-set. It will give them the tools to feel like they can take charge of their own lives and give them the skills to change their current situation.

By participating in the Ubuntu Academy they are trained to become leaders for the next generation of youth at risk from surrounding areas, with the objective to alter criminality, boredom and despair. Disadvantaged youth at risk will become the source of inspiration for new possibilities and a better future. That way, the Ubuntu Academy not only adds to the personal development and future possibilities of the participants but will also positively influence the entire community and finally, through social-media, the whole world.

With the Ubuntu Academy, Ubuntu Streetkids Foundation offers a unique, tailor-made, education for youth at risk with the objective to overcome poverty and give them the ability to be self-reliant. With the intensive guidance of professional Ubuntu Coaches, all youngsters will be directed towards independence. Ubuntu makes sure that the right players are brought together in order to address the target group. Local talents will join their powers and make sure that the project is entirely supported by locals. Ubuntu temporally offers the capacity to accomplish this.


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